Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Treasured Possessions! Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 38

Very often we just don't stop to think how our lives
would feel and could change if we lost everything 
we owned in a matter of just 2-3 hours!

This has been the case of so many families,
in fact 69 homes within 30 k of where I live, 
over the weekend when a horrendous bush fire
in searing heat and high winds
erased the possessions of these poor poor people!

As Summer is closing here on the far south coast of Australia
(akin to say perhaps Southern California in the U.S.)
there was one last day of very high temperatures
threatening to ravage so much native bushland
and many homes so close to the beach!
Thank goodness many of these people were able to flee
to the beach to escape and, in all of this,
not one one life was lost!

A fire also broke out 
 in native bush land no more than
1/2 kilometre away from where we also live 
thankfully the Rural Fire Service
managed to contain it as we were preparing our
escape plan!

With global warming I genuinely fear this scenario
will be one we will be witnessing more of
in the future!
We can never become too complacent with what nature
dishes out!

I can count myself one of the blessed and lucky ones
who can still hold and appreciate my treasures
such as the ones above which have come
into my life over the past couple of months
from some of my dear blogging friends -
thank you so much for being there!

So blessed are we to be amongst some of the more fortunate
ones - this time!

Linking these neutrals to

Thank you my dear friends,
Suzy xxx

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The Impossible Dream - Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 37

Honoring some of the most beautiful drawings
(and paintings) of Leonardi daVinci
I have combined these with some of my eco-dyed pages
to create this little book
of treasured art pieces!

 The beautiful images have been
collaged onto painted pages
using many layers
scrim, satin, netting and vintage laces!

with places for tags

and pockets for notes!

The cover spread shows how I added
the dyed paper onto lace and felt!
I'm sharing these at Simply Neutrals Tuesday
with Wen's blog - AppleApricot!

Wishing you all a creative week with a little time
resting in peace and quiet to renew your

Hugs, Suzy xox 

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Simply Neutrals 36 - French Inspiration Kits and Ideas!

Welcome dear readers to my blog today
where I'm showing you some
French Fabric Inspiration and Embellishing Kits I have assembled
with a couple of ideas on how you can use
some of the contents in the form of
a couple of simple pincushions!


I simply love putting these little kits together from my large stash
of fabrics, laces, buttons and embellishments!

 These particular kits comes in shades of white, creams, black
and shades of grey (I made 3 of these similar kits)


there's a gorgeous French image plus
another card where I have stamped
a sweet image with black and white script!

 There's always a doily included!

some black and white French Toile

cotton lace, netting, some vintage pieces
I'm sharing from my collection

some guipure wedding lace, polka dot cotton,
grey chiffon, printed silk, scripted linen


along with some embroidered cotton
with black scroll stitching by myself

and some pretty flower embellishments,
sari ribbon and mother-of-pearl buttons in different

These two pincushions with linen and laces are

  an example of how I have used the embroidered scrolls!

So you can see the use of these lovely items are
only limited by your imagination
if you want one of these kits to play with then
there are two still available in my Etsy shop
I'm also sharing these images for Simply Neutrals Tuesday 

 So hope to see you there at the party for another week of beauty!
Thank you Wen for hosting us again - you are wonderful!

Love and hugs, Suzy xxx

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Simply Neutrals Tuesday No. 35 Water Birds

Every single day
there is something different happening
on our wetland at the bottom of our garden
where we live on the far south east coast of Australia
today I'm sharing some magnificent natural bird beauty

This image helps to give you an idea of the size
of the wetland to the left of the picture
the lake is more to the right! 

  If you look closely you may be able to see
a group of 3 rare Spoonbills
in the middle on the edge of the wetland!
So just to give you a bit of info about these birds you may wish
to read this little description:

Similar in build to a grey heron though slightly smaller, the spoonbill’s plumage is completely white except in the breeding season when adults show a small patch of yellowish feathers on their chest.  In the summer mature birds also have a rather fetching, shaggy crest at the back of their head. But by far their most noticeable feature is the one for which they are named – that enormous, spatula-like bill.  Spoonbills generally feed in flocks, swinging their heads from side to side through shallow pools of water.  This is where the remarkable bill comes into its own: held slightly open it is packed full of sensors that detect minute vibrations and, once located, unlucky beetles, crustaceans, worms, small fish – even tadpoles and frogs – stand no chance of escape.

Apparently they spend much of their time sleeping
as can be evidenced in this photo below.


In fact, this one slept the whole time whilst
the other two did the hunting!


This must be the perfect feeding ground for these
magnificent birds - the crystal clear water
reflects their perfect images! 


I have to admit it is rather special to be able to stand
on our deck and view these birds
sweeping their bills from side to side as they feed
on all the little critters! 

To finish I'm sharing a tag which I painted, stamped an image
on to tissue paper and then covered with washi tape.
It's resting on some of my eco-dyed paper
ready to be popped into the post!


Don't forget to hop on over to Wen's blog (link above)
to view more simply neutrals!
I'm sure you will find something to inspire you there!

Thanks always friends of looking and leaving
comments! Thank you so much!

xox Suzy
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